From the authors of MOLD: The War Within

How Mycotoxins Can Wreak Havoc on HORMONES

07 Nov How Mycotoxins Can Wreak Havoc on HORMONES

Mycotoxins can cause a person to feel like they are in a dark tunnel all alone full of despair.

To win the war raging within the body against toxigenic molds, we need to understand that our “enemy” is going to try to mess with our heads by using its secret weapon—mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are mold poisons, which are toxic estrogenic compounds produced by toxigenic molds. These estrogenic compounds can affect us physically as well as mentally, emotionally, and psychologically because they alter the balance of our HORMONES.

Fighting Dirty

These mold toxins get downright dirty in their tactics. They don’t fight fair. In fact, they can even “attack” our neurological systems affecting our ability to logic and reason, which puts us at a distinct disadvantage. The psychological effects of mycotoxins can include the following:

  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Apathy
  • Anger
  • Aggression
  • Violence
  • Despair
  • Explosive temper
  • Personality changes
  • PMS-type symptoms
  • Perimenopause- and menopause-like symptoms
  • PTSD
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • Suicide

To understand the devastation that can be caused by mycotoxins, let’s take a look at what happened after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The rate of domestic violence, divorce, assaults, murders and suicides escalated along the mold-laden Gulf Coast to unprecedented levels. The sad thing is that these embroiled people did not realize that their hormones and emotions were being driven by toxic mold poisons—an invisible foe.

Know the Enemy

It doesn’t take hurricane levels of mold to cause negative psychological symptoms. It can happen from a much smaller level of exposure to toxigenic molds in one wet-building or even just a single moldy room. But just knowing who our opponent is—mycotoxins—and the tactics of the game—psychological and emotional warfare—can help keep our minds strong and focused. Knowing that the psychological torment will lessen as recovery progresses and cease once recovery is reached can give people the hope they need to hang on and persevere through the initial onslaught of emotions caused by unstable, raging hormones.

What makes the battle against mycotoxins even harder to pinpoint is that the effects of mycotoxins can mimic other conditions such as different forms of mental illness, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, and anger management issues. Plus, they affect everyone differently, as does their fungal source. It is important to know that although men are by no means “immune” from the psychological effects of mycotoxins, women can be affected more dramatically.

Estrogen + More Estrogen

The tendency for mycotoxins to affect females more severely than males may be due to the fact that the female body already possesses substantial levels of estrogen so when additional estrogen comes into the body by way of mycotoxins, hormonal balances can be thrown even more seriously out of whack. When more estrogen is added into the female body, it can cause similar symptoms as those caused by estrogen-dominant menopause—only on steroids.

Excess estrogen in the body is not a state that should be taken lightly. Not only can extra estrogen in the body cause negative mental and psychological ramifications, but certain forms of the hormone can lead to physical disease, such as cancer.

Neutralize the Enemy

Having battled the psychological effects of mycotoxins ourselves, we strongly encourage people who are wrestling with the mental side effects of mycotoxins to talk with their medical doctor about methods to neutralize the toxins. Yes, neutralize them. Disarm them!

In addition, we encourage people being negatively affected by mycotoxins to reach out to family and friends for assistance and support to help them through what is undoubtedly a difficult time. If adequate mental and emotional support is not available from friends and family, seek out care from a trained professional, be it a psychologist, pastoral counselor, or some other form of mental health professional. There is no shame in seeking help. We have seen the toughest of the tough be mentally and emotionally pummeled by mycotoxins.

Win the War

Battling the mind-blowing effects of mycotoxins is often the hardest part of the war for many people. They find it difficult to even hold their ground against them. For us, we did not make headway in our battle against the ravaging mycotoxins until we learned how to neutralize them. It was only after we started using a neutralizing supplement against the mycotoxins that we experienced our first sign of relief from the brutal compounds. For more information on mycotoxins and how we neutralized them, please refer to the detailed documentation in our book, MOLD: The War Within. The information provided is only intended for educational purposes. Please discuss any treatment options with your treating physician.