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Mold Mentor


Mold Mentor is the Ann Landers of the mold community. If you have a mold-related question for which you are seeking an answer, you can submit it to Mold Mentor. Questions will be answered based on published, peer-reviewed documentation and first-hand interviews with leading experts in science, medicine and industrial hygiene.

Professional Resources

Mold Mentor is an online community advocate center where people affected by mold and toxins can become more informed and locate professional resources. Minor mold challenges can become mold nightmares that last years simply because of lack of knowledge. Empowering people with information so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families is the philosophy of Mold Mentor. With fore-knowledge, people can minimize re-exposures from remediation and avoid further damage to their health from potentially harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Who is Mold Mentor?


The authors of the book MOLD: The War Within, Kurt and Lee Ann Billings, are the driving force behind Mold Mentor. After their family recovered from mold-and mycotoxin-related illnesses after Hurricane Katrina, the Billings became health advocates for other mold victims. They have spread their message of mold prevention and natural recovery options in articles published in national health magazines, as guests on a nationally syndicated health TV show, and through local and regional newspaper, television and radio. Lee Ann has a BA in Journalism. She is also the author of three children’s books in the Super Bouv Series and is co-author of several additional articles published in national health magazines. Kurt has worked in the media field for multiple years and has authored two prior nonfiction books.

Partners Publishing LLC


Mold Mentor is made possible by Partners Publishing LLC. Since 2007, Partners Publishing LLC has been leading the way in raising awareness of the health effects of structural molds. Top professionals in the fields of medicine, science and mold inspection and remediation have partnered with the publishing house to ensure that the latest research in science, medicine and technology is available to the public.

Partners Publishing LLC was launched in 2007 with the publication of MOLD: The War Within, a nonfiction book on the health effects of mold and chemical exposures with lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina. The book has been an Amazon best seller multiple times and a top 100 book nationwide with Barnes and Noble.

Nonprofit Partners


Dedicated to increasing awareness of the health risks of mold and reducing the numbers of people adversely affected, Partners Publishing LLC has consistently disseminated information since its founding to assist victims in areas devastated from natural disasters. In 2009, the corporation joined forces with nonprofit organizations, including the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Assessors (NORMI), to ramp up community outreach efforts. In 2013, it created the fundraising program Books That Give with the release of three fictional children’s books in the Super Bouv Series: Ruby and Her New Family, Ruby and Her New Home, and Ruby and Her New Job.

The Books That Give™ program was born out of the desire to assist people in need, be them victims of natural disasters, veterans, people with health challenges, or rescue animals. Through the fundraising program consumers can contribute to the important causes of charitable organizations with each book purchase made at With the help of loyal readers and supporters of nonprofit organizations, Partners Publishing LLC assists people in need one book at a time.